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Number 3, Autumn 1950

The Armenian Revolution and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (pp. 3-31) | Simon Vratzian 

The Crimson Offering (pp. 32-53) | Arpiar Arpiarian 

Babes in Slumberland (p. 54) | P.K. Thomajan 

Role of the Armenians in Byzantine Science (pp. 55-73) | N. Adontz 

Last Chapter (p. 74) | Suzanne Basmajian 

Incense (p. 75) | Lootfi Minas 

More News from Soviet Armenia (pp. 76-78) | Herant Ermoyan 

Impatience (p. 79) | Diana Der Hovanessian 

In the Days of the Republic Armenia (pp. 80-89) | Reuben Darbinian 

That's Life (p. 90) | Nuver Koumyan 

Arshak Fevajian –the Man and the Artist (pp. 91-95) | Rouben Gavoor 

I Understand You (p. 96) | Nuver Koumyan 

The Memoirs of a Mayor (Part V) (pp. 97-115) | Alexander Khatissian 

The American Military Mission to Armenia (Part VII) (pp. 116-133) |James H. Tashjian 

Two Poems (p. 134) | Nuver Koumyan 

Armenian Life Abroad (pp. 135-139) 

Samuel: A Historical Novel of Armenia 366-400 AD (Book II, Chapters IX-X) (140-155) | Hagop Melik (Raffi) Hagopian 

Books and authors (p. 156)

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